darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham


I'm having an actual, proper week off from work. I've not gone anywhere, except to the Land of Nod. My ideal holiday would be two weeks off at Beds R Us, with Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle.

I'm also attempting to get ahead with my comic strip work. I've reached page 34 of this long and ambitious story I've been working on since before Christmas. I've not really any time to do much blogging anymore, because of the weekly web-comic for Forbidden Planet that I have to do. This is good, though, and I'm very happy to do it.

The Super Sam and John of the Night strip started off funny and light, but will gradually take on themes that will include evil, madness and suicide. Strong stuff for a seemingly throwaway comic strip like Super Sam. I hope it works and doesn't jar too much.
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