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Yellow head
I feel disappointed, having been told by Forbidden Planet to wind up the Super Sam and John of the Night strip, in twelve pages. Not just because of the money, which is small anyway, but because I'm very invested in finishing this story and will find it impossible to wrap it all up in a mere dozen pages. I'm going to continue it anyway and hope that I can get a publisher interested somewhere down the line. It's possible that some other website might want to host the strip. I'm open to offers and I'm not too bothered about payment, as I need the exposure. Oh well!

Here's a page from a recent episode.

Super Sam Fights Monsters

All strips can be seen here: forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/?cat=21

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That's a shame...

Did they give a reason why?

They want to rotate artists in that spot and give others a chance too. Which I find hard to argue with.

Ah, too bad. I was enjoying it. Like you say, though, One can see their point.
Shouldn't think you'll have much trouble placing it elsewhere, anyway.

Edited at 2008-06-03 03:11 pm (UTC)

I guess I can see FPI's point... but I don't want Super Sam to end!

that's no fair (this one made me laugh by the way)

they should just do more comics on their blog & run the natural arc you have in place here

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