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darryl cunningham

Work Hell, Part Seventy- Five

Work continues to be a struggle. As I had the day off when Mr. Boss met with the police, I'm not quite sure what happened. Nothing bad has been reported back to me however.

I'm expecting the Commission For Social Care to descend on us soon. We've had inspections before and they've never gone well. One of the home resident's Community Psychiatric Nurses is currently kicking up a real stink. At Christmas, back before I worked there, a resident gave out ten pound vouchers to many of the staff. The CPN found out about this and made a complaint to the area manager, who was incensed that any member of staff would take money off a resident. His anger is understandable. What on earth the staff were thinking doing this, I can't imagine? Those involved seem genuinely bemused as to what the problem is and still don't accept that they've done anything wrong. It's something they've done for years, they tell me, as if that makes it all right.

I received a phone call from the Commission For Social Care on another matter. They wanted to speak to the area manager. I had to explain that although the Area Manager is supposed to be at the home for two days a week, and is on the rota, we've hardly seen him for weeks. Many of the answers I gave were in response to to specific questions, she asked me. I told the truth as I saw it. I'm not covering up for the owner's negligence of the home. I was asked whether we had much support from the owner and his manager. I had to admit that we didn't, and that we were left to struggle on our own for the most part. The home has no manager, and although they did take on a senior care worker recently to manage the paperwork, they sacked her after a few weeks for no obvious reason.

As a result, whichever staff-member has the most experience (and confidence) will take charge on a shift by shift basis. The Area Manager claims to be at the end of the phone if we have any problems. But today, for example, I rang him because I couldn't find the repeat prescriptions and the months meds needed ordering, and he basically referred me to another member of staff and put the phone down on me. Such is our support. I want to get to a point when we can do without any assistance from those above us, but there is much to learn and nobody there to teach it.
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