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Work Hell, Shock, Horror, Probe

I certainly started something, when I recently asked the local neighbourhood wardens, to visit the residential home I work at.

I did this, because of the rash of window braking and attempted thefts by youths, we'd suffered in the past month. Amongst the warden's recommendations, was the suggestion that we put a fence around the property. I told them, that the owner had been saying he was going build a fence for a year, and that nothing had happened.

The wardens told me that they would ask their own boss, to email my boss, with the prompt that he build the fence. Well the next thing I knew, a builder had been invited to give Mr Boss a quote for the work. I'll have to explain that Mr Boss hardly ever visits our premises. The man lives in London, while our so-called area manager lives in Wales (so we don't see him much either). I've worked there four months, and in that time, we've never had a hands-on manager of our own, and the one senior carer they employed, was sacked after a month. So this has meant that the regular staff, such as myself, have had to battle on without management support, and take on office work between us, despite that fact that none of us have management training or experience.

The regular staff at the home have been great. We're very supportive of one another, and we often go well beyond the boundaries of our jobs in order to assist the residents. However, despite good work, our bosses are extremely suspicious of us, assuming incompetence by staff anytime something goes wrong (and things are always going wrong). The building is in a terrible state: shabby, dirty and crumbling. A haphazard attempt has been made to improve the ground floor of the main building, but the management had to be threatened to do even this. Those in control, are extremely reluctant to spend any money, and would rather blame the hard-working staff than do anything at all.

Well, to get back to the point of this entry. The community wardens involved the local police, organising a meeting between themselves, Mr Boss, and a local police inspector. The day arrived for this meeting, and as I could have predicted, Mr Boss didn't show up. Our employer, had three different phone numbers he could have called, in order to let the others involved in the meeting know that he couldn't make it, but he didn't bother.

The police inspector, looked around while he was there, and was less than impressed with what he saw. In fact he was really quite angry, especially when he saw raw sewage flowing out of the drains at the back of the house. "Is this a hostel, or do people actually live here?", he asked in disbelief. He stated that he was going to inform the local health authority and ask them to come in and do a full inspection.

Another meeting with the community wardens and the police inspector has been arranged for Friday (tomorrow as I write this), when both Mr Boss and Area Manager should be there. Luckily I've got the day off and so will avoid it all.
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