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The Shooting of Super-Sam
Yellow head
Most recent Super-Sam episode. Does anyone like this? I haven't been getting much feedback since I began bringing an actual plot into the comic strip. Which is a bit worrying really, because I think it's a better strip for having a storyline, however basic it might be, but readers might think differently, I suppose.

All previous episodes can be seen on the Forbidden Planet blog. forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/?cat=21

Super-Sam 13

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Personally, I agree with you, for wot it's worth. And, of course, just because people don't always comment, doesn't mean they don't like the strip!

I've started to put tiny details in the background which will be important for future stories. Keep your eye on the graffitti.

I love Super-Sam, and like the one-offs and storyline equally. I do look forward to seeing what happens next, so that's a definite thumbs up for a continuing story.

Loved the line "It's moondust, collected during a full eclipse..."

How I have Sam survive being shot is quite absurd and I hope I can get away with it.

- i prefer the gontinued storyline, i think ( - poor super sam - & not just cos he's been shot in the head )

I'm certainly enjoying these strips ... just not sure how often they come out, so I don't know to check unless you post something about it here.

They're every Tuesday on the Forbidden Planet blog. Follow the FP link above.

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