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Yellow head
I've been extremely busy since returning to work. We're very short-staffed and this has meant me having to work without any days off over the past week. It'll be better next week when we have new staff.

My health is vastly better. A new job, which I like, and the computer Forbidden Planet very kindly donated to me, have helped a lot. Soon I'll have some money as well. I've also just sold a painting to an American buyer. I've also restarted the Super-Sam strip for the Forbidden Planet blog, which you can see here.

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Bloody Hell Darryl. You're on fire at the mo! It's really good to see both the artistic and the jobtastic coming together.

I'm probably a hard task master, but I miss your photos. Do you find that you can do one thing or the other? I do.

I like to do more photos, but the antiquated software on this old G5 I'm using, makes this difficult. I'm working on it though.

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