darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

New Old Computer Saves TallGuy

The computer has arrived. Hurrah! This means I can now start writing proper diary entries again, without fear of the machine suddenly freezing on me every ten minutes. It also means that I can begin drawing the further adventures of Super-Sam for Forbidden Planet.

The machine is a rather dusty G3, which has been sitting unused in the FP warehouse for some time, I'm told. The operating system is ancient, (OS 9.2) but it doesn't matter, because it works and that's good enough for me. It has a Classic Mac desktop, which is strange to look at after years of OS 10. There will inevitably be problems because of the age of the software, but I'm sure I can get around most of them.

So I now has a working computer and a job to go to. A good start to the year.

Fried Chicken at Nightfall, taken on the way back from work.
UK Fried Chicken
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