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Yellow head
The first two pages of what will probably be a eight page strip.

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So good; love the rain-swept cityscapes...

Keep going, D. You're building a faithful audience for this stuff.

Out of interest, does this create any problems re: confidentiality. I assume names are changed, but I don't know what the rules are on what you're allowed to say.

That's a good point. This did stop me from using this material for years. However, I realised that I could approach it exactly the way I approach a nursing course assignment: by not identifying the ward, the hospital, the NHS trust, the area of the country, or any patient at all. Likenessess have been changed as well as a few important details. Some of the individuals profiled here are more like combinations of people I've met on the wards.

Just to be on the safe side, I plan to run this material past my personal tutor at college, and check it with members of staff at the hospital.

I love your strips and I've only just worked out who you are off LJ - you're "Riding With Richie and Darryl" Cunningham, hurray!

Yes, it's me. I kinda retired from cartooning for years, but this is my comeback. Thanks for your note.

I guess there's a flipside to the point this portion of strip makes: the patient's partner may require/deserve treatment rather than simply being written-off; the wife's depression merely being a symptom of a husband's 'problems'. Also, depression has a tendency to distort one's perceptions of reality; I wouldn't encourage any sufferer to make major life-changing decisions – until the medication kicks in, at any rate!
Your upside-down photo of the buildings reflected in the canal (last post) reminds me of Button Moon. You should try to integrate a silhouette of some cosmic strings-pulling figure (Galactus!) into the nightscape. Or leave the pic the way it is. One or the other!

Hello Darryl-
I'm really glad to see you doing art again- I've always liked your style. Your recent photos have been fantastic, too. Beautiful colours.

Very good to hear from you, Tammy. Hope you're well. Thanks for your very kind note. Keep in touch.

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