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Report from a Better Place
Yellow head
Well the first Super-Sam and John-of-the-Night comic strip has been a success. Now all I have to do is sit down and draw one every week (which I've no doubt I can do). The best approach would be to do a number of them all at once, and so get way ahead of the deadline. This will leave me with plenty of time to work on other projects. If the strip is popular, there is the chance that Forbidden Planet (who are a publisher as well as a retail chain), will want to put it out in book form. This would, of course, thrill me no end, but one thing at a time. Baby steps. Baby steps.

For me it would be so wonderful if I could just work from home, and never have to do any care work again. My failing as an artist has always been in the area of self-promotion, not the quality of my work. Let's hope I can change this now. What I must do is make sure I stay in contact with other like-minded artists, and not drift out of the scene, as I did before. I'm planning to go to the Leeds Thought Bubble event on the tenth of November, and a number of people I know should be there. Will you?

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not going to leeds, me - you know - the usual - don't get out much - tied up with this & that etc.

prob going to Hebden on Sunday (arrangements made) - meet up with Caroline - go to the pictures with the kids - Earthsea is playing again, I think - wanna see that m'self

right - need kip - off t'bed.

night there

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