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My Forbidden Planet Comic Strip
Yellow head
My new comic strip, Super-Sam and John-of-the-Night, will be appearing every Tuesday on the Forbidden Planet site, and you can see the first one here.

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CHUH! How'd you swing that you lucky thing?!

It came about because of all the attention I got through my recent difficulties. It pays to beg, apparently. Who knew.

Blimey. I suppose I should count my blessings...

I don't recommend this approach because of the lacerating pain you have to go through first.

I haven't forgotten Drawanyway, by the way, and will work on something tonight.

OK, thanks - no hurry. Yes, I was too flippant. You deserve a break.

Wow,well don!. Yes, it was definitely time for a break for you. Amazing that it actually seems to be happening, a bit. Hup!

- gongrats on getting such a prestigious gig, darryl - hope things gontinue to improve for you

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