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I Live Again
Yellow head
I feel thrilled, shocked and embarrassed by the amount of financial support I've had over the past day. So many people have sent money, that I've not yet had the time to write back to thank everyone. Not only have I received money, but I've also had an offer of a regular drawing job (more about this next entry), and an enquiry about another one. People who I've not seen for years have sent me money, and more amazing than that, are the total strangers who obviously feel they have something invested in my well-being. I'm still trying to get my head around it all.

The lesson then must be that none of us should under-appreciate just how we affect and touch each others lives. You just can't know, while sitting at home in front of your computer, how your words can influence others.

I feel some guilt too, as I can never get away from the fact, that I'm responsible for much that has gone wrong. I was talking to my mother this morning about the debt I'd fallen into, and she said that she didn't understand how I could have got into such difficulties. I wasn't able to tell her that the reason these debts had piled up, was that I'd honestly believed that I'd not have to pay the money back. My intention was always to kill myself and thus avoid any financial consequences.

However, all of that is behind me now. I can live again.

Yesterday, I spent much of the day drawing, and this is what I produced. Two versions of the same image. Pencil, pen and then photoshop for the colour and inverse effects.

Colour Town and Cars

Black and White Town

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What good news. I hope this is the start of the good luck you need to get sorted. I'm sure it will be

Sorry that we can't help in a tangible way, but I'm glad to hear of all the support you're receiving.

Love today's drawing. I'm a sucker for purple/blue tones :-)

I've also had an offer of a regular drawing job

Fantastic news!

I guess I'm one of those complete strangers, but I sent something -- I guess I could relate to your story. Stick around and keep drawing!

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