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So It's Come to This
Yellow head
Monocat seriously suggested ast entry that I should, in effect, beg for money. Which, let's face it, would be a new low. Others have suggested that I should make my paintings available to buy. The difficulty here is that all my artwork is in faraway Newark (at my brother's place) and is therefore out of reach. I'm working on some pen and ink drawings that will be available soon, but currently, I've got nothing. I can't paint any new canvases here, because I've no place to paint, and in any case my mother would have heart failure if I got paint over anything.

Well, until then, I suppose if anyone did have any spare cash and wanted to help, then you could send some money to me via PayPay.


My email address is darryltoon@mac.com. Even a dollar or 50 pence would help, because it all mounts up. I'm not in a position to be proud anymore. The situation is too desperate.

Anyone who helps out will be sent artwork once I'm solvent. Friends of Darryl will be remembered by me and never forgotten.

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it's not that I was saying that you should beg - but I thought maybe I or others would put it about that you were in difficulty & we should try to assist in some way & that tangible way being to contributing to aleviate the financial duress of the moment - not necessaraly a one off payment, but a commitment to assis with repayments...

i'm brusque & gauche & I don't say things in quite the right way sometimes

it's just a need to help out a friend some way - something practical

The link doesn't seem to work - paypal can be pesky like that. But one can do it with just your email address.

just thought I'd check - does your email address really have three r's?

Well spotted. I'm now so screwed up that I can't even spell my own name. I'll correct it. Thank you.

Good thing you spotted this, or that three-r'd bastard would be laughing all the way to the pub right now.

True. That three R'd guy is always getting the better of me.

Hello ... I would like to help out and send a bit of money, but I was wondering how it works with me in America and you in Britain, I think -- do I need to send it as Euros or something, or can I send it as U.S. dollars, and you will be able to get it as Euros?

Please hang on to life -- you've got a gift, a talent. I've wanted to off myself a lot of times in the past couple of years (since my wife left me, basically), but I try to hang on and see if I can make something of it.

Hello. Yes, thank you. PayPal is very clever in that it will take money in any currency and converts it. Things are much improved with me. Who would have thought that there was so much kindness in the world? Regards to you.

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