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Calmer Today
Yellow head
In the movie Three Kings, George Clooney, playing an experienced special forces major, councils a combat virgin how to find courage under fire. "First you do the thing your shit-scared of," he says, "and then you get the courage afterwards."

Anytime I have to do anything nerve-wracking, I always remember this line, and somehow it helps. First you do the thing your shit-scared of and then you get the courage afterwards. It should be the other way around, but in life, you make the best of what is given.

Well luckily, I don't have do anything life-threatening, but I did today have to ring my new job to explain why I didn't go in yesterday and why I hadn't even rung, and I found that anxiety-provoking enough.

I thought it best to tell the manager what happened, even though it was embarrassing, rather than lie to save my feelings. I find that people will often respond well to honesty, and this was one of those cases. She didn't appear to mind and was concerned about my health.

So all is well on the job front, at least.

Thanks to everyone for their kind notes of support.

My camera is off being repaired, but before it broke, I did manage to take a few photos .

Keighley is a safe place to live apparently.
Town Safe

River Trent.
River Trent

Nottingham Town Hall.
Nottingham Town hall

Bradford Forster Square Station.

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Where are you based now, D? I was wondering whether you were close enough to us in Leamington Spa for us to come and visit, or for you to come down for the weekend. We'd feed you, and everything!

I'm actually further away. I'm In Yorkshire, just outside Bradford. Thanks for the kind offer though.

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