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(no subject)
Yellow head
I'm back online. Hello everyone and thanks for your continuing support. I have a job at a local care home. Three nights a week, with occasional day shifts. Not a great job, but the home seems to be run very well by the manager there, despite having no resources.

I have to work again tonight and so don't have much time to write here. I'll write a full and proper entry tomorrow when i have the time.

An example of recent work, inspired by the view from my parent's house.

Town and Hills

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At last back to your true style and quality. Job = security. I'm so pleased Darryl. Stick with it.

this is going to sound daft but I love the way the buildings 'get closer'

good to have you about on the internet - sorry that we've not been in touch over the hills of recent - i blame chaos, but chaos refutes this & points out my abysmal (metaphoric) near sightedness

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