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Dementia Ward Strip
Yellow head
I can't be bothered going into detail about my various troubles. I'm worn out from thinking about it. Instead here's a story. Some of you will have seen this material before, but here I've redrawn to fit onto one page. My entry for the Observer comic strip compition. Any comments?

dementia ward

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oh no!
This is awesome, and also frightening! The colors really help to impact what is going on.

Like all of your work, I love the haunting honesty.
I hope everything on the drama front gets better soon!

Hmm, maybe be careful though - one of the rules is that it hasn't been published elsewhere. Maybe I'm being paranoid but I've taken that to extend to my own blog.

As for your troubles, I'm sorry and I wish I could help.

Fantastic; good luck in the competition.

Nice work, Darryl. Best of luck with it (and with everything else going on for you at present - you're certainly due some good luck by now).

Hoping to enter the competition myself but haven't yet drawn a line...

Lovely colour, and you have something fascinating to say.

the limited palette is very effective - it marries the whole piece together

I always get the impression of your strips being a slide show - you are admirably uncinematic in your progressions. I think this is one of the major charms of the work ...plus, you know how much I love Masereel and I think you are a present-day avatar

are you going to convert your impassioned piece about mental home spongers into a strip?

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