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Well it had to happpen. I've been thrown out of the house by my brother. I'd been away in Yorkshire for a week, and I came back to find that not only was I without internet access in the house, but the phone into my room had been unplugged as well. As soon as I returned I was subjected to a barrage of loud music from his room, the slamming of doors, dark mutterings about me being a "stupid idiot". I was stressed, stressed, stressed.

Of course, he claims that there's nothing wrong with my phone or the internet, and that the fault must lie with me somewhere. But it's all just too much of a coincidence.

My mother said to me on the phone that I should simply ask him to turn the music down. But I knew that as soon as I confronted him about this, he would use this as an excuse to throw me out, and indeed this is what happened. Furthermore, he says that if I don't move my stuff out by next week, he'll put everything I own out on the street.

It's all down to money, basically. He thinks that I've been withholding rent money from him and that I've been making no real effort to get a job. He told me he knew of people who'd got a job the day after they started looking (thanks to his advice, he says).

The utter hatred and contempt he holds me is just staggering. Writing this makes me so angry. I was just speechless with shock. I'm apparently very selfish and think only about myself. Anyone who knows me wouldn't recognise his description of me. I've spent my whole life putting other people before myself and this is partly why I'm in this situation.

So I'm now homeless, thousands of pounds in debt, and have no job.

I'm going to have to go up to Yorkshire again to my parents, after having spent enormous amounts of time and money, trying to settle in this part of the country.
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