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I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
Yellow head
I've been away in Yorkshire for a few days. A nice respite, staying with my parents. Now I'm now back, and things are grimmer here than ever. My brother appears to despise me. If I'd had any idea that he was going to be like this I would never have moved here. I hadn't seen much of Lee for a number of years previous to this and so had no idea he'd turned into such a spiteful, resentful person. Previous tenants here have returned to leave threatening notes and throw paint at the door. A next door neighbour once punched Lee and broke his glasses. I used to think that people were just picking on Lee, as I had no reason to disbelieve his side of the story, but now I see all these events as being part of a pattern of obsessive and even psychopathic behaviour. And I mean psychopathic in it's true sense of a description of someone of is totally self-centred and self involved.

The situation is appalling, but I've no money left to to move out with. In fact, I'm so hugely in debt, that even if I had a job I still wouldn't be able to find another place to live. I've no money coming in at all, as the Benefits Agency have seen fit to stop my Jobseeker's Allowance, saying that I wasn't entitled to it. I've put in an appeal, but I've heard nothing yet, and I'm not likely to for another week. Oh, and of course, Lee still expects money off me for rent, even though he knows I've only my overdraft to live on. I'm now thousands in debt. I try to tell the rest of the family what Lee is like, but they just make excuses for him. My mother in particular, thinks Lee can do no wrong, and constantly makes excuses for him.

I've signed on with a local nursing agency, but it could still be weeks until I get any work for them. The Criminal Record Bureau check can take up to six weeks to process. I've also got to organise a health check with my doctor (which I'll have to pay for myself).

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Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear this! I will try to think of solutions.

On the positive side, CRB Disclosures are sometimes turned around very quickly, especially if you've had a check before.

Jesus, that's harsh.I don't see how they can stop your JSA. If you've nothing to live on, can't you get some housing benefit to keep your brother placated? I don't know what they expect you to do.
Good luck with it all. I know how discouraging this stuff is. Wish I could help.

Take care, dear boy. I really hope things start to look up for you soon. It's especially a bugger as you seemed to be going through a rather productive, creative phase.

Best of luck tunneling out.

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