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Outside the Pepper Hotel
Yellow head
Outside The Pepper Hotel

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that = really rather great - colour me v.impressed ( - & jealous of yr drawing powers )

Cheers, Mr H.

I meant to say in my post, that if one is intending to stay at the Pepper Hotel, approach only from the Morgan's bar direction, and never, ever, shop at Jimbo's Food Hall. There are dangerous wild buildings on that street.

It's fantastic! Make it a shirt!
Not that it isn't glorious on it's own as a painting, but it's a great concept too. I always love your colors.

Thanks Jess!

Have you any advise on the best way to adapt this into a shirt design?

I'd say leave it at the angle it's at, but stick the robot buildings up front so they're more the focus and stick some more regular buildings on the sides or in back of them?
I just really like the image of the robot picking up the little guy. And your cityscapes are lovely.

cubist dog returns!! [applause]

I love that you have a cunningham-styled routemaster on the same dual carriageway as cars that look like they belong on Wacky Races! (I notice they are driving on the right)

bearing what you added with your comment to Martin in mind perhaps these poor individuals get trapped on the central fillet of pavement and they unwisely cross straight into the arms of that portholed shop (probably to avoid becoming a bollard) - the devil and the deep blue sea!

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