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My New Threadless Submission
Yellow head
My new submission's been accepted. It's a good design, but I'm already being beaten up on the site by noters, as it's apparently very close to one that's already won. So it's unlikely to last the first twenty-four hours.

My Threadless.com Submission

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It's not that similar; also yours is amazing!

I joined so I could rate you a 5. :-)

ARG! Your design is so AMAZING!! but that snakes and ladders shirt just got printed like a week or 2 ago. It doesnt look anything like yours but still, it's same concept.
This really is gorgeous though. I would wear it in an instant.
Did you know in the states the game is called "Chutes and ladders"? I guess snakes were offensive for some reason?

Now that is annoying, as I've had that image knocking around in my portfolio for years and it's been on Flikr for all to see since Jan 2006


Note the uploading date. Back to the drawing board.

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