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The Jet Set
diversion sign
The Jet Set. Four sexy stewardesses who fight international crime. I amuse myself sometimes by inventing fake TV shows or films. This is one. I imagine the show being in the Charley's Angels or The Avengers mode, with a theme by Ron Granger. The series ran for three seasons, from 1971 to 73.

I like the background on this one, but I'm not at all happy about the figures. I still have to struggle to draw natural human beings, especially women. They always look a little awkward to me, unless I make them stylised. And even then...

The Jet Set

Situation bleak. I'm still looking for a job. I'm still thousands of pounds in debt. I'm still sharing a house with someone I have no respect for and who feels the same about me.

I've got an interview in the morning at the job-centre: a review of where I'm up to in my job search. I've got a job application form to fill for a local health care job and I recently applied for another post. Both of these are with the local council health and social care unit. I'm not confident I have a shot at these. I had to disclose information about my depressive illness last year, as they would have found out anyway. It felt like I was admitting that I wasn't capable of working. Sigh!

I'm about to start submitting samples of artwork to greeting card companies. It's a faint hope, but even a faint hope is better than no hope at all. I look around at the kind of artwork card companies use, and I know I'm as good, and in many cases better than many of the artist's used. However, I also know that quality of work isn't always a consideration where greeting cards are concerned. It can't be, as otherwise there wouldn't be so much crap out there.

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If anyone (or an application) asks you to disclose any medical or mental illnesses, I wonder if you could describe yourself as a high-functioning depressive. That's how I plan to cover that issue when I look for a new job in March, if I can't get away with not mentioning it at all.

Maybe you already tried this and it didn't work...?

Good luck job hunting.

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