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The Jet Set
diversion sign
The Jet Set. Four sexy stewardesses who fight international crime. I amuse myself sometimes by inventing fake TV shows or films. This is one. I imagine the show being in the Charley's Angels or The Avengers mode, with a theme by Ron Granger. The series ran for three seasons, from 1971 to 73.

I like the background on this one, but I'm not at all happy about the figures. I still have to struggle to draw natural human beings, especially women. They always look a little awkward to me, unless I make them stylised. And even then...

The Jet Set

Situation bleak. I'm still looking for a job. I'm still thousands of pounds in debt. I'm still sharing a house with someone I have no respect for and who feels the same about me.

I've got an interview in the morning at the job-centre: a review of where I'm up to in my job search. I've got a job application form to fill for a local health care job and I recently applied for another post. Both of these are with the local council health and social care unit. I'm not confident I have a shot at these. I had to disclose information about my depressive illness last year, as they would have found out anyway. It felt like I was admitting that I wasn't capable of working. Sigh!

I'm about to start submitting samples of artwork to greeting card companies. It's a faint hope, but even a faint hope is better than no hope at all. I look around at the kind of artwork card companies use, and I know I'm as good, and in many cases better than many of the artist's used. However, I also know that quality of work isn't always a consideration where greeting cards are concerned. It can't be, as otherwise there wouldn't be so much crap out there.

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If anyone (or an application) asks you to disclose any medical or mental illnesses, I wonder if you could describe yourself as a high-functioning depressive. That's how I plan to cover that issue when I look for a new job in March, if I can't get away with not mentioning it at all.

Maybe you already tried this and it didn't work...?

Good luck job hunting.

I completely agree that your work is better than most of the stuff on greetings cards, and furthermore I would probably buy said greetings cards.

Maybe you should try submitting to an agent rather than direct to companies?

I've tried this in the past and got nowhere. Perhaps it's time to try again though.

Yes, no harm in it, is there?! Although I'm more and more convinced it's 'who you know' in these circumstances. At least these days you can extend who you know via email groups and blogs. You had a foray into Cafepress, didn't you? Did that work?

No, I haven't done that yet. Will do though.

I guess you need to promote it a bit, but it does sound like a good way to manage your own card sales.

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