darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Rain and Railways

Back home after a long, but good, weekend. I've been hanging out with friends in North Wales, watching the Glastonbury highlights on TV and talking about films, music and art. I've already posted a link to Jonathan's blog, but his partner is just as talented. Louise runs a business making bespoke wedding dresses and you can see her site here. She does some beautiful work.

I enjoyed watching Glastonbury, but was glad I wasn't there. Too much mud. Best stuff playing: Iggy Pop, Bat For Lashes, CSS and The Go Team.

I got home a day later than I'd planned to. I set off on Monday morning, but didn't manage to get very far. We've had torrential rain here in England over the past few days and this has caused widespread flooding. The Chester to Crewe train sat in the station for an hour before setting off, and then crawled its way across the Cheshire plain along water logged tracks, which were often nothing more than running streams of water. We'd almost got to Crewe, stopping and starting every ten minutes or so, as to not endanger the trackside railway workers, trying in vain to pump out the water when it was still raining heavily, when there was an announcement over the intercom, that the train wouldn't be able to continue and would be returning to Chester. There was groan of disbelief from the passengers. We'd almost got there. Dang!

Back in Chester, I did consider getting on the bus, which they'd put on to replace the train, but thought it probable that similar flooding problems were likely to be affecting the train services right across the country (I was right). So I stayed one further night at Jonathan and Louise's, and set off the next morning, when the rain had stopped and the skies were showing a few patches of blue. There were still problems. There were no trains running at all on the Nottingham/Lincoln line, so I had to finish the last stretch of my journey on the bus.

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