darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Wasp and TV

I still haven't heard about the job, but they did say they'd notify me midweek, so perhaps I'll hear today. I've got another job interview tomorrow.

All the TV shows I watch come to an end this week (all three of them). I've already seen the final episodes of Heroes and 24. Both were underwhelming. Weak and predictable storytelling spoiled heroes. These ideas may seem fresh and new to a TV audience not familiar with superhero comics, but I feel I've seen it all before. 24 seems to have exhausted all its ideas. This season has done little but rehash previous stories: a presidential assassination plot, Whitehouse infighting, an attack on the Counter Terrorist Unit HQ, and so on. They really need to revamped this show from scratch if they want it to continue to be a success.

Tomorrow (or tonight, depending on where you are), we have the Lost season finale. This season has been fantastic. I'm preparing to have my mind blown by the two hour ending.

Wasp. Dead.
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