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It Could Be You
Yellow head
Since finishing on the dementia ward, I've been so, so, tired. I don't know what's the matter with me. I feel exhausted. My bones feel like lead, and all I do is sleep, sleep, sleep. It's really interfered with drawing further strips. But I'm muddling through, and have started another story, which should run to about six pages.

Noters have been very kind about this work, and thank you for that. Many have encouraged me to submit material to Nursing Times and other medical publications. I have a slight problem with this, because the whole Psychiatric Tales project is aimed very much at the general public, who know little of the mental health area. My rather lofty aim is to dispel a few myths and subvert prejudice, while writing strong, readable material.

I've almost completed the batch of stuff I'm planning to send off to publishers (3 stories, 16 pages). My ultimate hope is to get book deal for Psychiatric Tales (don't laugh), as well as having stories in comic anthologies.

Influences on this work include: Art Spiegelman, Frans Masereel, Majane Satrapi and Eddie Campbell.

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Good to hear it! I think to target a psychiatric journal, no doubt already familiar with countless detailed 'case studies', you would need to inject the material with greater focus on your own mental health in dealing with stresses, rather than on the mental health of patients portrayed with non-dithering colour.
Glad to see some clarification of what it is exactly you want to achieve with your strips. Personally I think that, removed from the context of your Livejournal, an 'illness of the day' approach would resemble cheap, 'car crash' entertainment. With such delicate subject matter, my feeling is that your intentions must be inherent within the confines of each strip.
I was a week in a psychiatric hospital myself a few years back, but not in a professional capacity!

This is a very interesting comment. No one has said this to me before. I'm very aware of the possible 'freak show' qualities of these stories. It's a problem that's inherent in the material. All I can do to undermine such a view is to treat the subjects with compassion, and hammer home the point that all of us could suffer from mental illness. In fact, most of us will at some point in our lives. We all suffer stress, despair, broken hearts, grief, etc. All of us are at risk. It's part of being human.

And yes, I will be covering the problem of staff burnout and emotional tiredness.

These strips are great - I'm sure you'll find a newspaper or magazine that would be interested in publishing them.

Hello? Hello?

It looks really good to me, but I'd picture it more in a health collection rather than strip format. Too important and serious for light relief funny pages.

I'm not quite sure what you're saying. Are you saying that this information shouldn't be presented in a strip format?

Just ignore me. I shouldn't comment late at night. I failed to note that you were intending to compile a book anyway.

Might also be a thought to submit so Saturday magazines and 'reviews'.
BTW, do you know about Chipmunka publishing? They seem to deal mostly with writing by the 'patients', but it might be worthwhile getting in touch.
Agree that it may also be a good idea to throw in some more detail about how you deal with the stress of this type of work, and your emotions when confronted with these upsetting symptoms.
I'm not surprised you're undergoing a period of withdrawl exhaustion!
Keep 'em coming. In addition to the intriguing subject matter, I think your graphic style is pretty cool

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