darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

I Bury A Body

The job interview went well. They have further interviewing to do today, and so can't let me know until next week, but I'm very hopeful. They're setting up an entire new team for what they call a "transitional unit." Meaning that this will be a short-term unit for clients just out of hospital, to help them bridge the gap between the psychiatric ward and a return to home life. Sounds kinda cool, and it'll be interesting to get in on the ground floor of something, as it's being set up.

Here's one of the questions they asked. What would you do if a client asked to speak confidentially to you, but on the understanding that you wouldn't tell anyone else?

I'll give you the answer next entry.

Because this job is carework, I had to take a whole bunch of ID with me to the interview, to prove who I was and where I was living. You know you're getting on a bit, when your birth certificate looks like it's a thing from another age: all yellow and looking like it's printed on papyrus. It really shouldn't be allowed.

Irritatingly, my internet connection is currently running only intermittently. It runs though my brother's computer and his connection is fine. Neither of us can work out what's going wrong. It just comes on and off on its own accord, and mostly off. Very frustrating. I'm seriously thinking of getting my own line into the house in order to avoid these problem. The last thing we need in this house is further friction points.

The kittens have now gone. A couple came and took both of them yesterday. Marsha, their mother (the local bird/rodent serial killer), is very upset as you can imagine. Today I buried her latest victim in the garden: a Robin. Marsha has a bell, but still manages to kill like Jack the Ripper having a warp-spasm.
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