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Yellow head
M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing). One of Jack Kirby's more crazed ideas for a Marvel Comics character. Foe of Captain America and the Hulk. A huge-headed guy with vestigial limbs who could only get around via his floating chair. The poor guy had a permanent constipated look on his face. No wonder he was always in a bad mood.


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this is v.exciting - did you get my address details ok...?

Er... no I'm afraid not.

Just in case I typed the address wrongly before:


hi darryl, o dear - i sent you an email to that address abt 24 hrs ago ( w/no sign of a bounce back at my end ) - have just tried again, so we'll see - might yr spam filters have intercepted it...? ( itwas from a btinternet address ) - i'm sure we'll be able to work round this somehow, if necessary

gommunication breakdown all sorted now - looking forward v.much to seeing the finished modok masterwork...!

That is hilarious. I don't remember that character at all. Have you ever seen Kirby's Fin Fang Foom? He'd be a good subject. I love his little shorts!

I fondly remember the great Fin Fang Foom, and to be sure, I should draw him. I have a vague idea for a strip where he goes to the Monster Island tailor, because his shorts are ripped.

garry leach once did a drawing for a fanzine of fin fang foom without his little trousers on - FIN WANG FOOM...!

i like your version more than kirby's.

What is it with these enormous head blokes?

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