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New Canvas Painting and Advice Wanted
Yellow head
You've seen this illustration from me before, but this is the painted canvas version (just finished). 18 inches by 14 (46cm by 36).

Thing and Dog Painting

On eBay Now

Paintings are hard to sell. I've been thinking of branching out to do tee shirt designs, mugs, posters, and such-like, using Cafe Press. There are plenty of these Cafe Press type places around on the internet now. So many, in fact, that it's hard to know which one would be best to use. Has anyone got any advice on this or experience of using these places?

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gosh, that was quick! - yes, please - v.interested - i don't have a proper job but i earned twenty pounds doing proofreading yesterday so i've earmarked it for a piece of yr artwork

I'm notoriously quick and prolific. The canvas is bought and I've already penciled it out. It should be finished by tomorrow (ish). Email me direct at darryltoon@mac.com, and I'll tell you where to send payment.

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