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Photo and Cartoon
Yellow head
A Photo of a Cat and Cartoon

The last thing a mouse sees.
The Last Thing a Mouse Sees

100 Ways

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You're on a roll. That cat photo is awesome.

Ha ha. Excellent. Love the photo too.

re: "the last thing a mouse sees" - do you think that mouse hell and pussy heaven are the same place...?

I thought Pussy Heaven was a brothel in Vegas. Er ... not that I've ever been there or anything.

o dear - & i seem to be obsessed with pussy heaven at the moment! - i quoted this in my neophyte LJ only the other day: "they just better remember what happened to sam the bad cat that was left at home and got sick and went pussy heaven" - from "a dream" from songs for drella, as sung & played by john cale (the words might be a direct lift from the a.warhol diaries, i'm not sure)

thank you for "friending" me back, btw

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