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Poor Pluto
Gargax monster
I'm thinking of doing a series of science-based one page strips. Here's an example of what I mean.


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the "looseness"/spontaneity of the art is really pleasing to the eye - and the colouring works well too - i'd like to see more

Yeah, nice. I particularly like the colour, too.


I'd forgotten about your strips you did on mental health, which were brilliant. This is a good direction to go.

Where's Pluto's moon? Very important, that. Pluto and Charon are a binary system as their barycentre doesn't lie inside either body.

Can you also do a strip on 136199 Eris and its moon, Dysnomia? 136199 Eris is another Trans Neptunian Object and even larger than Pluto!

You could also do strips on 3753 Cruithne, (54509) 200 PH5, (85770) 1998 UP1 and 2002 AA29, co-orbital asteroids, all of which roughly follow Earth's orbit.

whenever I see a translucent face
I remember Errrrt from outer space

I think the oort cloud sounds like something Moominpapa would warn of

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