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Situation Better
Yellow head
Instead of moaning today, I'd thought I'd show you some pics.

Shoes in Newark.

English Breakfast.
English Breakfast

Last painting I did before my recent decent into depression. Logo of the Department of Homeland Security. I'd make a good tee-shirt, I think.
Department of Homeland Security Logo

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Jeez I could eat that breakfast right now.

All good work. Post it in as many places as possible.

The shoes picture is utterly wonderful.

The breakfast picture, though, is utterly disturbing. There are rules to be observed with regard to full English breakfasts, I feel: obviously bacon, egg and sausage are minimum requirements (check), tea or coffee included in the price (check), toast or fried bread supplied (check and bonus points for doing both)... but salad? No, no, oh very no and, I say again, NO! This is an abomination. Green things do not belong in The Breakfast. Unforgivable.

The sausages look a bit sub par too.

More photos soon please.

I agree. The salad is a mere figleaf of healthyness.

Too small a fig leaf for such a big sausage...

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