darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Tall Guy In Newark on Trent

This is the second time I've moved in six months. Remind me not to do it again too soon. It's an exhausting process. I'm worn to a thin shadow of myself. I didn't think I had that much stuff, but somehow when I got it all out to pack up, it seemed to swell up by about a third. We got everything in the van with very little room to spare. I'm not used to physical work. I don't normally lift anything much heavier than a paint brush. My body's still aching two days after the move. If you want to get really fit, my advice is move house every day. It's the best workout. Buy two houses and move a series boxes from one to the other each day.

I'm about half way through the process of unpacking and sorting things out. There were the inevitable casualties. My big computer desk broke when it was lifted. Crappy quality MDF couldn't take the strain and one leg snapped in half. It's repairable, but I'll have to do without for the moment. The great wounded beast is currently lying stricken and looking sorry for itself against the living room wall, waiting to be taken apart and stored until I can get the replacement part cut. A couple of the paintings have been damaged too. Nothing that can't be easily fixed with a bit of paint through. The worst affected is one of the townscapes which has a small hole in the canvas. It's more annoying than a serious problem, as I can repair it (card, glue and paint). It's my own fault as I should have boxed them up better. Luckily the Purple Car/City painting is fine, and this is just as well, as I've just had an offer for it from a buyer in Massachusetts.

I've not seen much of Newark yet, as I haven't had time. Expect photos soon though.
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