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Big Move
Yellow head
I've just returned from visiting my brother in Newark, Nottinghamshire, where I've been for a couple of days. It's a really nice, typically English town, between Nottingham and Lincoln. The shock news I have for you is that I've decided to move there. My brother has room in his house and is looking for somebody to share the rent and other costs, while I'm desperate for a new start and to live in a less expensive place than I do now. The Newark house has central heating, a washing machine, and is five minutes from the town centre.

There are a number of problems about where I live now. The flat is too small for it's outrageous rent, has no washing facilities, and is just unbelievably cold. The weather is mild for January, but still this flat is as cold as a mausoleum. I haven't been able to do as much painting because of the cold, which has got into my back and left leg, causing me extreme pain. On Tuesday I got out of bed to find that I could hardly walk because of the pain in my leg, and I was unable to bend down to tie me left shoelace for around an hour. I had ring a friend of mine to ask her to bring me painkillers, as a trip to the shops was out of the question. I could hardly walk. These aches and pains have been a feature of my life every winter I've lived in this building. Living in a house with central heating would resolve most of my health problems.

Naturally this will mean leaving the nursing course and handing my notice in to the trust. It's a risk, of course, because getting a job in Newark might not be easy. However, I need a fresh start. There's no way I could have continued my training. I'll be seeing my personal tutor on Monday and I'll be emailing my boss at the hospital, the modern matron (who is a bloke) with my decision.

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Wow. I don't know if I've ever posted a comment in the time I've been reading your journal, but I have been reading it, and this sounds like a good and brave decision. I hope it all goes well for you.

All the best on the move, D. Of course, the move will take you closer to Matt Brooker, who lives in Nottingham.

Well that will be good. We're mutual fans.

I have been known to manage the occasional visit to Matt & Lynn who live in Beeston on the south-western outskirts - there's a direct train link with Bedford

My travel anywhere has been hindered by my caring duties for my dad but we're getting the cataracts in his eyes fixed now so a couple of days away is going to be more do-able in the Spring - it'd be good to meet up

On the down-side: Matt and Lynn are looking to extend their sabatical to Edinburgh to the Summer so they won't be around for a bit

Definately a good idea.

You can't live somewhere without central heating! The inhumanity!! You're doing the right thing I think :D

Whoa, that is brave! Hope it works out well for you. Isn't your course almost finished, though? Couldn't you put it off that bit longer? Anyhow, best of luck with it.

I'd really like to leave nursing behind as I'm sick of it. Psychiatric nursing has been bad for my mental health.

Very best of luck with all this - sounds positive.


A fair few pushes & pulls on that one.

Good luck with everything there.

You'll get more of the easterlies & the the wind off the North Sea that side of the country (used to live in Lincolnshire, didn't I)

a break, a change, a new adventure

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