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Four Recent Paintings
Gargax monster
All acrylic on canvas.

Four Recent Paintings

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I'm betting the Batman one will fetch the most. It's fanTASTIC!

I'm doing smaller paintings of the Bat Logo, which will be very affordable, if you're interested? Probably about twenty quid, as opposed to the fifty quid for the large one. Watch this space.

You shame me. I have hardly drawn anything all year.

the power of black & white

The mono cityscape is absolutely superb - the white raindrops are a perfect finish

the fact that its done in PAINT is a killer

reminds me of a Frans Masereel woodblock print - a man I've always thought of when looking at your denser black & whitery

Re: the power of black & white

Maseereel was always a big influence on me. Within hours of me putting this image online, I sold that B/W painting to a lady in the US. So I may be on to something here.

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