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Famous Monsters
What if Elvis was the Hulk? Elvis smash! Elvis is the strongest one there is.

Elvis Hulk

What if Clint Eastwood had played the Frankenstein monster?


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the Elivis/Hulk is disturbingly close to a jolly green giant: "surmtimes thur's only one seat in the whole house a gamma-MUtate's a-gonna feel comfy awn - y'knowhat'mtahkin'bout?"

The Clint is a brilliant bit of cross-pollination - another misunderstood monster. If he were a Hulk as well there might be a good western quote taken from Gerber's Defenders: "horse is Clint's friend"

y'know - there's not that much difference between what you're doing here and an editorial cartoon

I mean, I'm not sure you'd WANT to draw Bush, Blair, Putin, Armadinijad, Lulu but imagine the cross pollination opportunities!

(Lulu with Helen Keller for example)

Re: look away dixieland

Imagine this. 1888. Victor Frankenstein is chased out of Europe where the infamous doctor was too well known. He leaves for the US where he hopes to continue his work in obscurity. As Dr. Franks, he becomes the doctor in a small border Texan town on the Rio Grandee. He is well liked by the townsfolk and seen as a gentle man and asset to the community, but unbeknown to them, the doctor is continuing his experiments. He takes the bodies of hanged killers from the cemetery outside town, and stitches together his ultimate creation: The Gunslinger From Hell.

lets paint the town RED tonight

yeah! sounds like a cross between SF (like Aldiss' Frankenstein Unbound) and the plot to a Marquez short story:

High Plains Drifter Rides Again

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