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Yellow head
Off into college today. I've got a cold. It's foggy outside.

Model made from a plastic bottle, paper mashie and modelling clay. Having made a Batman figure, I felt I had to make the other one too.


Superman Head

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I think that's quite a provocative take on such an iconic figure...

Perhaps I should do some aged superhero figures? An old, fat Batman would be amusing. What about a rusting Iron Man?

the capes always seem to go well with elder heroes with paunches and saggy bits - the old Green Lantern, Captain Marvel (too much red cheese!) - already had a go at Valkyrie

I've drawn my fair share of tubby Iron Man pictures for Martin Hand over the years - I'll see if I can find one for my LJ (I haven't learned how to send a pic from web-host to comments section yet)

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