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Yellow head
Off into college today. I've got a cold. It's foggy outside.

Model made from a plastic bottle, paper mashie and modelling clay. Having made a Batman figure, I felt I had to make the other one too.


Superman Head

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The close-up looks a bit like Liza Minelli's weird ex,David Gest!

I think he looks like Gore Vidal

and I can imagine an elder Superman being like that too!

then again ...Kal-El did love that movie star Lyla Lerrol so perhaps he WOULD end up married to Liza Minelli although to keep the mythos proper & correct - his girlfriend has to be "LL" so it'd need to be Liza's half sister Lorna Luft...

um ...I'm wittering again, aren't I?

I've made Supes look like an aging transvestite with too much make up on.

I think that's quite a provocative take on such an iconic figure...

Perhaps I should do some aged superhero figures? An old, fat Batman would be amusing. What about a rusting Iron Man?

the capes always seem to go well with elder heroes with paunches and saggy bits - the old Green Lantern, Captain Marvel (too much red cheese!) - already had a go at Valkyrie

I've drawn my fair share of tubby Iron Man pictures for Martin Hand over the years - I'll see if I can find one for my LJ (I haven't learned how to send a pic from web-host to comments section yet)

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