darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Various Problems to do with Mood and Water

I'm feeling quite crap. My mood is down and I've misplaced my motivation. I've spent an awful lot of time on my bed recently, which is never a good sign. Is it the weather? The approaching winter darkness? I don't know. Things feels grim and grey.

All my artwork looks childish and stupid to me, and I'm wondering if it isn't a waste of time.

The flat has a few water problems: a couple of damp patches, a leak under the sink, and the skylight in the kitchen is dripping water when it rains heavily (like it did last night when we had a thunderstorm here). I'm not in the mood to talk to the landlord at the moment, but will do later.

Here's a couple of pictures I took of the police station being demolished. This building was easily the ugliest building in the town: a concrete monstrosity with all the charm of a giant cheese grater. Very happy to see it go. Lots of people were taking photos. Smashed buildings are mysteriously fascinating.

Ruined Police Station

Broken Police Station
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