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The Tall Guy Shop Launch
Gargax monster
At last I've added a shop section to my website. It features only a few of items so far, but I will be expanding the shop in future weeks. Most things on the site are for sale anyway. Just email me if anything catches your eye that isn't in the shop.

Any advice offered about the Website will be appreciated.

Just to prove I can still draw and not just make strange art toys, here's a pic I finished Sunday.

purple town

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I especially like this one - I think it's the colours.

How big are the prints?
Have your strips ever been published? I think Children's book publishers would eat your stuff right up. Especially the comic strips! Especially everything! I feel like I can see those Uncle Bob strips in Nickelodeon magazine.
They are really great!

Oh, I'm fed up with the amount of rejection letters I've had over the years. I'm too busy trying to qualify as a psychiatric nurse at the moment, but in time I might have another bash at being published. The prints are A4 size, but I'm looking into the cost of getting them printed up bigger.

Cheers for the nice comments! You're a top artist yourself.

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