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darryl cunningham

My Feet Hurt

Very busy at work. The closure of one of the other acute psychiatric wards, has meant that my own ward has had to take many of their patients along with some of their staff. This has been good, because the current job freeze has had the effect of making us short staffed, and the ward has also been low on patients (the place seemed half empty). Now we've a full ward and plenty of staff. Things have been somewhat eventful because of this. It's tiring, but I prefer a busy ward, as the shift goes quicker.

I'm having problems with my feet. The tendons in my ankles are sore and inflamed. This means that my feet ache most of the time, especially after a twelve-hour shift walking the wards. Not having a car, means that I have to walk to the hospital, and back. It seems that my feet never get enough rest anymore. I used to be able to do all this with ease, but my feet have clearly had enough and are constantly moaning about it. My doctor recommended that I place rubber-gel inserts in my shoes, which I have done. This has helped a bit, but isn't really a solution. Has anyone any suggestions?

For as long as I've been using this computer intercobweb-thingy, I've been meaning to get myself a website, and hurrah, I've finally got one! See all my stuff in one place: the photos, sculptures, cartoon strips, paintings and illustrations. The lot. I'm very excited about this and will be expanding the website to include an online store shortly. Feel free to bookmark the site and visit me anytime.

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