darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

I'm Back

I've finished my flat move to next door and I'm also back online. It's strange, but I've not missed the internet as much as I thought I would. This is probably because I've been so busy sorting out the new flat. There's still much to be done. I'm yet lacking enough shelf space. A new bookcase is next on my shopping list.

Even though it's a modest flat (one large room with a kitchen and bathroom), it's still a huge leap in quality from the dark, dank flat I've moved from. It's great to be in a place I can invite visitors to without feeling embarrassed. The huge new beech futon bed arrived last week, and today I've bought a computer desk and comfortable chair. I've spent a fortune and may yet spend more. Pics next entry.

Two recent photos. The Landlord's house next door at sunset.
House at Sunset

Elephant at the zoo, rubbing its head against a tree.
Elephant's Eye

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