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Dalek and Others
diversion sign
Cute, little deadly Dalek. Handmade by me and for sale on eBay

Yellow and Gold Dalek

King Street. I love these ground-level shots. Try placing your camera on roadlines and shoot in the direction of the vanishing point.

King Street

Detail of rusty iron railing. I'm getting the most out of the macro capabillity of my new digital.


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no words ...NO! ...WORDS!

the Dalek is like ...like the sculptural equivalent of poetry!!

Re: no words ...NO! ...WORDS!

You're too, too kind.

sur-feits of KINDness will ...not ...be ...tolerated
exterminat-ate ...ETERMINA-A-ATE!!

fist they peel them with their METAL KNIVES
(ank ank ank ank ank)
then they BOIL them for 30 of their 'Earth Minutes'
(ank ank ank ank ank)
(a-ank ank ank ank ank ank)
they are CLEARLY a most primitive species
(ROTFL: ank ank ank ank ank)

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