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Yorkshire Photos
diversion sign
I had a good time up in Yorkshire. The weather was blazing hot. I'm not going to write a full entry about it now, but here's a few of the photographs I took while I was there.

Yorkshire Hills

Yorkshire Hills

Keighley Tarn.

Keighley Tarn

Keighley Train Station.

Keighley Train Station

Goose Eye.

Goose Eye

Buttercup Field.

Buttercup Field

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Yeh, I like the train station best.

there's 3 ramps like that & one goes down to the Howarth Railway (t' line on which T' Railway Childern were filmed) & you can get steam tains on that & it's fun.

glad you had a good time - D - I like the 1st piccy best - rolly-rolly hills of green

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