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Quick Summery of Events
paper town
I've not managed to sell anything on eBay, yet.

One of my neighbours is doing everything he can to not pay me back the five pounds I loaned him two weeks ago.

My sick note ran out yesterday, but I've made an appointment to see the doctor next week.

I'm feeling much less exhausted. I may go up to Yorkshire this weekend, as I feel better now.

I'm feeling a little frustrated with the artwork, as it's just not coming along quickly enough. The gold paint I used to decorate two paper mashie bowls refused to dry, and smeared when I tried to varnish them. I think the paint has degraded in the years I haven't used it. So I'll have to buy more paint and start again. Bah!

Half completed canvas, with latest paper mache bowl in the background, newly painted and waiting to be varnished (with the troublesome gold paint). Note the all important mug of tea.

Paint Table 2

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SPRAY varnish doesn't smear!

if you prefer the brushed-on finish put the spray coat on first to fix the bronze powder that seperating from the acrylic medium

BTW: is the one with the stars (in your photo) up for grabs?

Thanks for the excellent tip. I'll try this tomorrow. The dark blue bowl will be available in a couple of days. Watch this space.

I find it really interesting the way you paint. I would have thought that it would be easier to paint all the outlines first and then fill in, but you're not doing that.

Well I sorta am, as I tend to paint a few inches of lines and then colour them in, working my way down the canvas. The pencil lines work more like suggestions as to what will be there. The lines tend to change when I paint them.

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