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I'm an Emergency Case
Yellow head
The after-effects of the depression have left me physically worn out. A trip up into town these days usually leaves me exausted. I find that I'm walking slower and slower. The other day I was making my way along the canal towpath back from Tescos, when an elderly couple passed me. I was actually struggling to keep up with them. I speeded up and kept a brisk pace until I got back to the house. However, the next day my feet and legs were so full of aches and pains that I was limping.

I was telling the hospital councillor about this when I saw her Yesterday, and she told me that the fatigue I was suffering, was not due to the side-effects of the Prozac, which I had believed, but the strain of all the recent anxiety I'd suffered. It may take a while, she said, for me to get my strength back. She suggested a number of ways I could improve my diet, which I've taken on board.

I feel very lucky to have got an appointment with her so quickly. I was only talking to the modern matron (who is a bloke) about this on Friday, and he rang me back, having arranged it for Monday afternoon. They apparently keep an afternoon slot available for emergency cases.

Am I an emergency case? It seems so. I still feel fragile.

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That is excellent service. I'm assuming this is the NHS, which regularly gets beaten up about their waiting times, but any dealing I or my family have had with them have always been excellent.

Hope you get your legs back in tune soon.

Jeez, I'm glad I'm not the only one! My physical weakness and constant exhaustionreally scares me, these days. It's encouraging to think that it is possible to actually get your strength back. (A little less stress would be nice, too!)
Yeah, you're fortunate in having such good care. Hang on in there

I always find stress is exhausting - and I'll bet working on your diet will help a lot. It's good it's not the Prozac, since that's helping so much. Diet is pretty easy to fix!

I still find it hilarious that the modern matron is not a woman.

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