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Painting For Sale
Gargax monster
Went into college Friday for the meeting with my tutor and the modern matron (who is a bloke) from the hospital. It was a little bit strained from my point of view. In the back of my mind, even though I've been given a sick-note from my doctor and everyone knows how desperately depressed I've been, I still feel like I'm skiving off work and that there's nothing wrong with me. Clearly not true.

Anyhow, the Modern Matron (who is a bloke), suggested to me that I should take advantage of the hospital trust's counselling service. So an appointment has been made for Monday afternoon.

I'm still clearing out the flat prior to my move. I've unearthed tons of stuff which I plan to slap on eBay. One of these items is the painting you see below. It's only a small acrylic painting, but it is very nice. Click here for the eBay page if you fancy buying it

Winter Sky

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Why do you keep saying the modern matron is a bloke? Does it matter especially, one way or the other?

Because it's a good joke. Don't take it so seriously.

I'd have thought the "mat-" prefix of "matron" rather precluded him from being one. Is that his official title??

I suppose if he was a Modern Patron, it might sound as if he sponsored contemporary dance performances or something.

Yes, that's his official title. The job is administrative in nature, the title being a bit of NHS PR.

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