darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

Sunny Spring Days

I continue to feel somewhat fragile, but a kind of normality is emerging. I'm beginning to develop a routine, rather than just spend the majority of my time lying on my bed or asleep. I've been into college to see my personal tutor once more, and he set up an appointment with the college counselling service (who I've seen this morning). I've also seen my GP, who decided not to increase my medication. His thoughts were that the serious dip in my mood was due, in part to the meds not having taken effect, because I'd not long started them (drugs such as prozac take time to build up in the system). Now that my mood was on the up, he didn't see the need to increase the dose. I agree, because an increase in anti-depressants can often be counter-productive, due to the doubling of the side-effects, which can cancel out any benefit.

We've had a few sunny days recently and I've been out and about taking photographs.

Binks Building, University of Chester. (Yes, I'm fat. What of it?).
Lift Shot

Decayed telephone box in someone's yard.
Decayed Telephone Box
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