darryl cunningham (tallguywrites) wrote,
darryl cunningham

The New Hospital

In one month all the wards will be moving into the new purpose-built hospital. Today I got a chance to go over and view the new building prior to the Big Move.

Mrs A, who is doing her placement on the very ward I used to work on as a Health Care, rang me to say that the students on that ward had arranged a trip over, and would I like to tag along? Well, we were still in the middle of the shift handover, and the nurse in charge was unwilling to let me go at first, but another staff nurse jumped in, venturing the opinion that we had sufficient staff, so why not let me go? This swung it for me and so I went. Hurrah! I admit it was as much an excuse to see Mrs A as anything else.

The new hospital, which is but a short walk through the now deserted and crumbling sections of the old hospital (red brick buildings, boarded up windows), turned out to be much bigger than I imagined it would be from what I'd seen from the plans. Very roomy with wide, long corridors. Quite bewildering, as every part of it looks like any other. If the small group of us hadn't had a guide, then I'm sure we'd have got lost. All the department signs have yet to be put up, so there was no way to orientate ourselves. Final construction details are still being added, with some of the flooring having already to be replaced due to defective materials (!).

I was impressed. The whole place seemed light and airy, with big windows, letting in much natural light. Each patient will have their own room with on-suite bathroom, very like a hotel room. My only concern about the place is that, unlike our current wards, it does actually feel like a hospital with a very medicalised atmosphere. I also worry about the huge size of each ward and the difficulties this might pose for observation of patients.
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