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Two Cameras
diversion sign
The two cameras I use the most: the Lomo LC1 and the Rico Caplio RC1.

Two Cameras

Canal Boatyard. Rico Caplio RC1.

The Earl

Wires and sky. Lomo LC1.

Clouds and Wires

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You certainly get some quality images with those cameras (and your talent, of course).

You're so good at landscapes and details. I can't do what you do- I can only take decent pictures of people.

You'll note that I don't take many photos of people as I'm not very good at it.

I always love your Lomo pictures.
I used to read you on Open Diary. I'm Homebody Bookworm there.

Thanks. I've put you on my friends list. Great to see you here.

The Rico Caplio looks like a really neat camera. But...what did you take the picture of them with???

I took it with my Olympus Camidia C- 310, which I don't use that much anymore.

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