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First and Last Light
Yellow head
When taking photographs, I tend to favour the fading light of dusk or the early light of dawn. Dark streets framed by the pre-dawn deep blue sky is an especially effective combination. I have been known to get up absurdly early in the summer, like three in the morning for example, just to get the one shot I had an idea for.

Rain Street

I'm lucky in that the area where I live offers superb photo opportunities. Both the canal, the railway and the brutal ringroad flyover, pass through streets largely untouched since Victorian times, creating strange scenic possibilities.

Under The Flyover

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They are superbly dramatic. I'm going to have a look at work, though, because I am not sure if my montior at home makes everything a degree darker than it ought to be.

Thanks. I'd be interested to know whether there is a difference between monitors.

Yep. I'm at work now. The pictures have slightly more detail in the foreground - only slightly, but it makes a difference. I think my work settings are better than my home ones.

How do you stop 'camera shake'? Are you using a tripod?

I generally brace myself against a wall and hope for the best.

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