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Blue City
Gargax monster
This has turned out a bit more subdued than I would like. It'll have to do though. I'd always rather start something new, than keep going over the same drawing.

Blue City

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I like it. P has a photo he took of Brooklyn Bridge traffic which is black & white except for a single yellow taxi, which he altered so that it is not bright yellow, but a subtle enough tint that it draws your eye there before you've even realised why. Perhaps a similar technique might bring a focal point and a touch of life to this one? You have a very nice sense of how much symmetry is pleasing.

Yes, that's an excellent idea. Well worth a try, and easy to change if it doesn't work.

Ok, What I've done is highten both the blues and the purples and lighten the background sky. It's less muddy than it was. I don't think I can bring in an entirely different colour though.

I like it that way. The building on the left- the turquoisey one - is the same colour scheme as many of the fifties buildings in Exeter, where I grew up (Exeter was heavily bombed so it has this strange modern bit in the centre. Although I hear they are knocking it all down and starting again. I digress).

I wonder what 'Zingo' Make?

They make Zingos, of course, silly.

I like it, though. It reminds me of twilight.

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